The T2T Alliance is passionate about undertaking the Torrens Road to River Torrens (T2T) Project with environmental care, aiming to minimise any adverse impacts associated with the works. We are operating within a community that is deeply interested in the nature and progress of the works and we aim to minimise any disturbance to those around us.


As a part of the T2T Alliance’s commitment to caring for the environment, the project will:

  • Provide a supportive environmental culture by embracing behaviours that contribute to a sustainable future
  • Minimise our environmental impacts and prevent pollution by applying a hierarchy of controls to eliminate, substitute or mitigate such impacts
  • Promote the efficient use of energy, reduction of waste and recycling of materials in all activities
  • Comply with environmental legal requirements and approval conditions applicable to the project
  • Engage with the relevant stakeholders and community representatives on a regular basis with the aim to inform, and build strong relationships.

The T2T project operates in accordance with a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), which describes the management of environment risks associated with the project and controls our actions, to ensure that our practices are fully compliant. Subplans within the CEMP address the management of:

  • Noise and vibration
  • Air quality
  • Existing soil contamination
  • Soil erosion and drainage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage
  • Waste
  • Hazardous materials
  • Energy and water use


The project carries a range of approvals, for works affecting Significant and Regulated trees and State and Local Heritage and also for works that have the potential to affect the River Torrens or the groundwater. All conditions of the approvals are incorporated in the CEMP.

Aboriginal Heritage

The River Torrens represents significant ethnographic and archaeological heritage values for the Kaurna and Ramindjeri communities and there is always a potential for unexpected finds. Works within the T2T Project site and its environs will be carried out under a Section 23 Authorisation to Disturb, issued under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988.

Non-Aboriginal Heritage

The T2T site has a number of State and Local listed heritage properties in the vicinity: the Brickworks Markets, the house at 9 Grange Road, the Hindmarsh Cemetery, the Hope Inn and the Hindmarsh Mission Building on the eastern Port Road median. Besides these sites, there are also a number of community-related places and items of interest that, while not formally heritage listed, contribute to the character of the region.


The project will require vegetation to be removed within the project area. Where practical we will endeavour to retain as much vegetation and minimise the damage to vegetation that grows along the construction boundary. Any vegetation removed will be replaced with landscaping treatments along the length of the project.

The proposed landscape scheme will deliver biodiversity benefits to the area including an increase in planted locally native plant species and increased fauna habitat.  This includes landscaping of new public open space areas and installation of fauna nest boxes.  The nest boxes are being installed away from the road and rail reserves in the River Torrens Linear Park , with the cooperation of the City of Charles Sturt.

Biodiversity Management Plan