The South Australian Workforce Participation in Government Construction Procurement Policy increases employment and skill development opportunities for Aboriginal people, trainees and apprentices, local people with barriers to employment and displaced automotive sector employees to work on government civil construction works. The T2T Alliance is committed to achieving 20% of the total onsite labour hours being carried out by the target group.

T2T Alliance are engaging a number of subcontractors on the project who have been recruiting. A list of subcontractors can be found on the ICN Gateway website www.gateway.icn.org.au. To view the subcontractors who have been awarded contracts visit www.gateway.icn.org.au , search for ‘Torrens Road to River Torrens’ and scroll to the awarded work packages. This website will be updated regularly as construction is under way so be sure to check back regularly for more information.

We encourage you to view http://www.cpbcon.com.au/working-with-us/ to set up future job alerts or http://www.yorkcivil.com.au/employment/ which lists vacant positions and EOI’s.

For any additional recruitment enquires please contact: recruitment@t2talliance.com.au