As previously advised, the T2T Alliance is undertaking major works in the rail corridor, between Queen Street and Croydon Station, Croydon from 6am Monday 25 September to 10pm Wednesday 29 November 2017, weather permitting.

Works update

From Friday 20 October to Sunday 22 October 2017, tamping works will be undertaken at the Queen Street level crossing during day works between 6am and 6pm . To facilitate these (and other rail remediation) works, the eastern pedestrian maze at the crossing has been removed and a temporary access ramp has been installed across the rail lines. Pedestrians will be able to cross at the ramp with the assistance of traffic controllers.

Please note: While tamping machinery in the rail corridor is crossing Queen Street, there will be two occasions only between Friday 20 October and Saturday 21 October 2017, when pedestrian access at the Queen Street level crossing will be temporarily unavailable for approximately one hour (on each occasion).

This safety precaution is necessary due to the proximity and movement of heavy machinery. At these times, onsite traffic controllers will either request that pedestrians wait to cross, or direct them to the Garnet Street crossing.

Other rail works being undertaken between Thursday 19 October and Friday 27 October 2017, weather permitting:

  • Installation of noise walls on Day Terrace and Euston Terrace (day works)
  • Removal of western pedestrian maze at Queen Street level crossing (day/night works for approximately 2 hours)
  • Trenching and signalling works, continued excavation of old Croydon rail platform (intermittent day and night works)
  • Installation of precast concrete L walls for construction of new Croydon Station (from Monday 23 October 2017) (day works)
  • Joining together L walls with steel plates (intermittent day and night works)

Timings are subject to change. We will provide further updates as works progress.

Dust, noise and vibration levels will be closely monitored during these works to minimise disturbance to adjacent residents. Water carts will also be used to manage dust during construction activities. Works will be managed to minimise disturbance to local residents, however some noise can be expected.

Traffic arrangements

We would like to advise that due to the current location of the works, Day Terrace will remain open at Elizabeth Street as long as possible. Advance notice to residents and local businesses will be provided prior to the temporary closure of Day Terrace and the temporary opening of left turn movements in and out of South Road.

The Queen Street rail crossing will remain temporarily closed to motorists until Thursday 9 November 2017. At times, when it is safe to do so, the rail crossing may temporarily re-open to motorists under traffic controller assistance. Signage will alert motorists to changed traffic conditions.

Reminder that the Croydon Station underpass will remain temporarily closed until late November 2017.

Croydon Playground Reserve

To ensure the safety of the public during the demolition of the Croydon Station platform, access to the park may be temporarily restricted at times. Temporary fencing will be installed around the works area to alert users of any restrictions.

For more information about these works, temporary changes to traffic arrangements and alternative routes, please visit: www.t2talliance.com.au, call: 1300 794 899 or email: enquiries@t2talliance.com.au