As part of the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, Croydon Station and Queen Street level crossing works will continue from 6am Wednesday 13 December to 5pm Thursday 21 December, due to construction related issues. Most activities will be undertaken during the day, however, intermittent night works may be required.  Residents closest to the works area will be given advance notice of night works.

Key activities

Croydon Station

  • Installation and asphalting of ramps to the station platform
  • Excavation and backfill of granular material along the edge of the station platforms
  • Installation of tactiles along the edge of the platforms
  • Concrete pour for new platforms
  • Construction of shelter roof
  • Installation of light poles and station fencing

Queen Street level crossing

  • Installation of new pedestrian mazes, including concrete pour
  • Installation of fence and automated pedestrian gates. Please note: the automated pedestrian gates will not be fully operational until early 2018.


During these works, a variety of equipment will be used including an excavator, concrete equipment and pumps, vacuum truck, compaction equipment, trucks, light vehicles and hand tools. Lighting towers will also be used in operation during night works.

Some noise and vibration can be expected at times. To minimise disturbance to local residents, noisiest activities will be scheduled as day works when possible.

Traffic arrangements

Queen Street level crossing

  • The Queen Street level crossing will re-open to motorists by 6am Wednesday 13 December, under temporary traffic signals that will allow traffic in both directions to cross the level crossing using a single lane. Pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained with the assistance of traffic controllers.
  • The Queen Street level crossing will re-open to two-way traffic, pedestrians and cyclists by 5pm Thursday 21 December 2017.

Day Terrace

  • From 5pm Thursday 21 December, right and left turn movements in and out of Day Terrace at Elizabeth Street (on the eastern side of Elizabeth Street) will be permitted.
  • Left turns in and out of South Road at Day Terrace will be maintained.

Euston Terrace

  • Between Wednesday 13 December and Thursday 21 December, there will be intermittent works at the intersection of Euston Terrace and Queen Street.
  • Access to Euston Terrace will be maintained with the assistance of traffic controllers.

Some finishing works will be required in January 2018. A notice with details of these works, timing and any temporary traffic restrictions, will be distributed to the local community in the New Year.

Please note: The T2T Project team will be taking a break from Friday 22 December, returning 2 January 2018. There will no planned construction works during this time. The Community Enquiries line: 1300 794 899 will remain operational.


Public transport users

The Outer Harbor and Grange rail lines will remain temporarily closed until 15 January 2018. During this time, substitute buses will be provided. For more information on temporary rail line closures and substitute buses, please call Adelaide Metro Info Line on  1300 311 108 or visit: www.adelaidemetro.com.au

Other works in the rail corridor         

The Torrens Rail Junction (TRJ) Project is undertaking works within the rail corridor during this time between the Adelaide Railway Station Yard and Chief Street, Brompton. Should you require any further information regarding these works, please contact the TRJ Community Relations team via email: dpti.trj@sa.gov.au or phone: 1300 582 071.

For more information about these works, temporary changes to traffic arrangements and alternative routes, please visit: www.t2talliance.com.au, call: 1300 794 899 or email: enquiries@t2talliance.com.au