Further to our notice of 20 September 2017, the T2T Alliance will be undertaking a range of works in the rail corridor, between Chief Street and Coglin Street, Brompton from 6am Monday 25 September to 13 December 2017, weather permitting.

Residents and business proprietors close to the rail corridor can expect to see and hear an increased amount of activity in the rail corridor during this period. Works will be continuous, 24 hours a day to enable completion of track removal and renewal, in addition to upgrades to level crossings at West and Coglin Streets, and installation of a new pedestrian bridge at Chief Street.

Key activities and indicative timing

Timing of activities are subject to change. Adjacent residents and businesses will receive progressive updates as works progress.

 From Monday 25 September to Wednesday 27 September 2017

  • Site preparation works
  • Removal of West Street pedestrian crossing.

 From Wednesday 27 September to Friday 29 September 2017

  • Track removal: involves cutting the rail and dragging it out of the rail corridor at Coglin Street
  • Removal of Coglin Street level crossing.

From Friday 29 September to Monday 2 October 2017

  • Excavation and removal of materials from the rail corridor. An increase in truck movements during this period can be expected. Trucks will be entering and exiting the rail corridor at Coglin Street.

From Monday 2 October to Monday 18 October 2017

  • Delivery of track formation materials to the site by trucks
  • Compaction of materials, ready for track installation
  • Installation of stormwater drainage, lighting and signalling conduits.

From Monday 18 October to Monday 25 October 2017

  • Delivery of rail ballast and compaction.
  • Installation of new rail tracks and tamping the new rail into place
  • Flash butt welding of track.

From Monday 25 October 2017 to late November 2017

Other works over this period include:

  • Installation of activated pedestrian maze crossings and upgrades to level crossings at West and Coglin Streets, Brompton
  • Asphalting, lighting and fencing works on the shared use path to Coglin Street.
  • Signalling works and driver training.


During these works a variety of equipment will be used including piling rig, excavators, trucks, compaction equipment and tamper. Lighting towers will also be used in operation during night works.

Managing Construction Impacts

Some noise, vibration and dust from these works can be expected at times. Dust, noise and vibration monitoring equipment will be in place along the rail corridor to ensure that works do not exceed compliance levels. The works must be done in sequence, however will be managed to minimise disturbance to local residents and businesses as much as possible.

Information Updates

As works progress, further updates to the local community will be provided. To receive updates by email, please send your request to: enquiries@t2talliance.com.au

If you require further information or have special needs or requirements during these works, please also contact us via email or call the project enquiry line on: 1300 794 899.


Public transport users

The Outer Harbor and Grange rail lines will be temporarily closed from 10 pm Sunday 24 September to 15 January 2018 during this time substitute buses will be provided. For more information on temporary rail line closures and substitute buses, please call Adelaide Metro Info Line on  1300 311 108 or visit: www.adelaidemetro.com.au

Other works in the rail corridor         

The Torrens Rail Junction (TRJ) Project is undertaking works within the rail corridor during this time between the Adelaide Railway Station Yard and Chief Street, Brompton. Should you require any further information regarding these works, please contact the TRJ Community Relations team via email: dpti.trj@sa.gov.au or phone: 1300 582 071.