As part of the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project, the T2T Alliance will be clearing the land on Jervois Avenue in preparation for the community park.

To minimise disturbance to the local community, these works will be undertaken intermittently each day between 7am and 6pm from Tuesday 23 October for approximately two weeks.

Removal of stockpiles

The site, a historical waste disposal area, which extended to the original South Road, has been vacant for many years. Stockpiles located on the Jervois Avenue site are to be removed in preparation for the development of the park. The stockpiles are:

  • Topsoil from the backyards of the original properties in the local area.
  • Two stockpiles of spoil from noise wall, road and drainage excavations within the eastern part of the historical waste disposal area.
  • Two small stockpiles of trench spoil from other areas of the project site.

The stockpiles are low level contaminated soil, with contaminants associated with combustion and pest control.  The larger stockpiles also contain some trace asbestos-containing materials, in the form of occasional fragments of fibro sheeting. All stockpiles will be removed by our subcontractor, who is licensed to manage and carry such materials.

Trucks will access the site via Grange Road, McDonnell Avenue and Grey Avenue, and exit via Jervois Avenue and Gawler Avenue. The contaminated stockpiles will be disposed of to an EPA-Licensed waste disposal facility.

Controls will include:

  • Avoiding works during windy conditions. This may include early starts to avoid the stronger afternoon winds that can occur at this time of the year.
  • Water carts and directed sprays for dust control during all spoil excavation and loading.
  • Trucks will be covered for all movements.
  • Continuous air quality monitoring for dust and asbestos will be carried out at the site boundary.

Controls and works methods have been planned in consultation with the project’s environmental specialists.

Once the stockpiles have been removed, there will be some further investigations to evaluate the remaining surface and determine how best to develop the site as a park, with no risk to the public and maintenance personnel.  If further excavation is required to achieve this, it will be carried out under similar controls, depending on the nature and extent of contamination detected (if any).

For further information about these works, please visit www.t2talliance.com.au You can also contact us on: 1300 794 899, or email at: enquiries@t2talliance.com.au