Since the last update in April, the following works have been undertaken:

  • Tamping of the rail to efficiently pack (tamp) the track ballast under the railway tracks to achieve the desired alignment
  • A pedestrian bridge, forming part of the Outer Harbor Greenway, at Chief Street, on the northern side of the Outer Harbor rail bridge was successfully installed.
  • A swale drain has been installed in the rail corridor on the south-eastern side of the Queen Street level crossing (adjacent to Euston Terrace).
  • Croydon Station drainage works have taken place, with some minor drainage works adjacent to the northern platform still to occur.
  • Installation of the shared use path fencing between the Outer Harbor rail bridge and Chief Street.

 Works that are currently in progress or are soon to commence include:

  • Architectural brick features on the rail embankments opposite Day Terrace and Euston Terrace
  • Fencing works in the rail corridor from the noise panels opposite Day Terrace and Euston Terrace to the Queen Street level crossing.
  • Kerbing works around the south-eastern corner of the Queen Street level crossing and Euston Terrace will precede pavement and asphalt reinstatement works on the southern side of the level crossing.
  • The shared use path over the Outer Harbor rail overpass, between Queen Street and West Street currently remains on schedule to be completed by the end of July.
  • Kerbing and footpath installation from the Outer Harbor rail overpass to McInnes Street and Day Terrace.
  • Installation of decorative features on the Outer Harbor rail bridge.

Croydon Station

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Rail Care Unit is working with the City of Charles Sturt and a group of passionate locals to revamp the landscaping across the Croydon Station and playground precinct.  This will include rocks, retaining wall repair and a new pollinator garden with a variety of native plants providing habitat to encourage birds and native bees.

The existing commissioned murals in the subway will be repaired when road works are completed.

Locals are working towards a new community art space inside the subway.

Future works

Activation of pedestrian crossings at Queen Street, Coglin Street and West Street will now be progressively undertaken in September / October 2018. The delay in activation is the result of signalling design and procurement issues. Until the level crossing at West Street can be activated, it must remain closed for safety reasons. Further notice about the timing of level crossings activation will be provided.

Landscaping works will commence in the last quarter of 2018, once all the rail embankment, fencing, drainage and kerbing works are completed.

If you require further information, please contact us via email: enquiries@t2talliance.com.au or call the project enquiry line on: 1300 794 899.