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T2T Landscaping update-  June 2019

T2T Landscaping update 27 March 2019

T2T Landscaping update 25 February 2019

Community Celebration Event

T2T Major Community Celebration Invitation 23 September 2018

Project map

Concept design for the Torrens Road to River Torrens Project – updated March 2017.

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Service relocation fast facts April 2018

Project overview fast facts April 2018

Outer Harbor Rail Bridge fast facts April 2018

Bridges fast facts April 2018

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T2T Using the Lowered Motorway map

Lowered Motorway Construction works – June 2018

Sustainability – April 2018

Managing Construction Impacts – April 2018

Biodiversity and landscaping – April 2018

Lowered Motorway Construction works – April 2018

South Road/Pym Street intersection – March 2017

Outer Harbor rail overpass fast facts – February 2017

Temporary traffic arrangements – South Road intersection with Torrens Road December 2016

Temporary traffic arrangements – Grange Road/Manton Street and South Road November

T2T- Frequently Asked Questions – Stage 1, 2 and 3 Traffic Switch – South Road intersection with Grange Road/Manton Street and Port Road

Changes to traffic arrangements on Port Road – April 2016

Traffic Switch Fact Sheet – Grange Road Manton Street and South Road Intersection and Port Road – April 2016

Service Relocation – March 2016

Noise Attenuation Treatments – March 2016

Demolition works – March 2016

Managing Construction Impacts – March 2016

Sustainability – March 2016

Business Opportunities – March 2016

Hawker/Hurtle Street Intersection – October 2016

Outer Harbor Greenway – March 2016

Construction Timeline – March 2016

Urban Design Elements – March 2016

Traffic Management – March 2016

Torrens Road to River Torrens Project fast facts – March 2016

Grade Separation of South Road and Torrens Road – December 2015

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T2T Community Project update June 2019

T2T Construction newsletter December 2018

T2T Construction newsletter – September 2018

T2T Construction newsletter – March 2018

T2T Construction newsletter – December 2017

T2T Construction newsletter – October 2017

T2T Construction newsletter – July 2017

T2T Construction newsletter – March 2017

T2T Construction newsletter – December 2016

T2T Construction newsletter insert December 2016 – Outer Harbor Rail

T2T Construction newsletter – July 2016

The February 2016 Torrens Road to River Torrens Project Construction Newsletter, Edition 2 has been updated,  to correct a text error which incorrectly referred to McInnes Street, Ridleyton as being ‘left in /left out’.

In the ‘Concept Design’ insert of the newsletter, it shows the correct access arrangements for McInnes Street  as being  ‘left in only’.

The ‘left out’ turn from McInnes Street was removed for safety reasons, based on sight distance concerns and this being a location where traffic coming of the motorway merges with southbound surface road traffic.

T2T Construction newsletter – February 2016

T2T Construction newsletter – July 2015

Community update

Community Update – Torrens Road to River Torrens Project – July 2015

Project map and images – Community update – July 2015

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Outer Harbor Greenway – alternative routes

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T2T feature in the Business Review Magazine