Following a review by the T2T Alliance and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) the design for the Hawker/Hurtle Street intersection has been finalised and endorsed by the City of Charles Sturt. The layout for the design is attached overleaf.
The final design incorporates comments received from the Community Liaison Group, residents and local businesses as well as feedback from the Community Open Day. The safety, operation of the intersection and impacts on the local road network were considered as part of the final design.

The final design will include:

  • The closure of Hurtle Street at the Hawker Street signalised intersection;
  • A bridge at the Hawker Street signalised intersection over the North-South Corridor with provision for:
    o right turn in and out of Hawker Street into South Road;
    o left turn in and out of Hawker Street into South Road; and
  • Pedestrian and cyclist connectivity will be maintained between Hurtle Street and Hawker Street.

The following traffic movements will be available:

  • Northbound motorists on South Road (surface road) will be able to perform a u-turn onto the southbound carriageway (surface road) at the signalised intersection;
  • Harriet Street will be opened to traffic allowing left turn in and out onto South Road;
  • Croydon residents travelling east across South Road can turn left out of Cedar Avenue or Harriet Street and right into Hawker Street; and
  • Croydon residents travelling west along Hawker Street across South Road can turn right onto the northbound carriageway (surface road) and left into Bedford Street.

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