the lowered motorway, between Lamont Street, Croydon Park and Susan Street, Hindmarsh.

From Monday 30 July to Friday 3 August asphalting of the lowered motorway will occur between Torrens Road and Overland Road from 6am each day until 1am each night, weather permitting.

Key activities

  • Laying of new pavement and asphalting.

Excavators, backhoes, loaders, asphalt paver, compaction equipment, trucks and light vehicles will be used to perform these works. Lighting towers will also be in operation during night works.

Noise and Vibration

Construction noise and vibration on a major infrastructure project cannot be eliminated altogether. The project is implementing a range of measures to manage the impact which include:

  • providing advance notice of works to residents
  • wherever possible, scheduling the noisiest activities during the day or early evening
  • maintaining machinery to a high standard to reduce noise levels
  • using low noise reversing squawker, instead of the traditional reversing beeper on equipment
  • enclosing stationary small plant and equipment such as generators to reduce noise levels.

Vibration felt from construction works do not necessarily cause structural damage or damage to your property.


The laying of pavement and asphalting will cause an odour. Odour sensitivity and responses vary from person to person. Your ability to detect an odour will depend on the location of the asphalting works and the prevailing wind direction. While the odour may be uncomfortable or an annoyance there is no evidence that the odour from road pavement works will cause health effects to the community

Works will be managed to minimise disturbance to local residents however some minor noise and vibration can be expected at times.