Noise walls












Noise wall on the western side of South Road


Minimisation of project related construction and operational noise and vibration is a major consideration for the project.

A range of treatment measures to reduce noise have been incorporated into the design including:

  • Selection of asphalt types
  • Lowering the road
  • Road surface
  • Installation of acoustic barriers on the side of the rail overpass

Noise barriers have been installed along the road corridor to offset short-term and long-term noise impacts for the local community.

Construction activities will comply with requirements of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Road Traffic Noise Guidelines and the Environmental Protection Authority Guidelines for the assessment of noise from rail infrastructure.

Pedestrian and cyclist access

To connect community and business centres, the project includes a number of east-west cyclist and pedestrian crossing points along the length of South Road including:

  • Torrens Road
  • Hawker/Hurtle Street
  • A pedestrian and cyclist bridge near Cedar Avenue
  • Outer Harbor rail overpass
  • Port Road
  • Grange Road/Manton Street

A pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the River Torrens, near McDonnell Avenue has been constructed as a separate project by DPTI.

The Outer Harbor Greenway will be carried across South Road and the motorway on the side of the new rail overpass between South Road and Coglin Street. This is in addition to the ramp that connects back to the South Road/McInnes Street intersection.

Detour of the Outer Harbor Greenway

As previously communicated, the Outer Harbor Greenway has been detoured during construction of the overpass via Port Road. Please see figure 3.14 for the temporary detour route via the following link:

The T2T Alliance has also provided an alternative detour of the Outer Harbor Greenway using local roads to cross South Road at Hawker Street, Ridleyton. Following discussions with DPTI, it was decided that both detours should be available as some cyclists will not want to detour as far as Hawker Street.

Signage alerting cyclists to alternative detours are installed at the following locations:

  • Wood Avenue, Hindmarsh
  • Chief Street, Hindmarsh (near Port Road)
  • Chief Street, Brompton (near Second Street)
  • Day Terrace, Croydon (western side of Elizabeth Street)
  • First Street, Hindmarsh (near Gibson Street)

A map of the Outer Harbor Greenway – alternative routes can be viewed here.