Pedestrian & Cyclist Facilities

Pedestrian and cyclist access

To connect community and business centres, the project includes a number of east-west cyclist and pedestrian crossing points along the length of South Road including:

  • Torrens Road
  • Hawker/Hurtle Street
  • A pedestrian and cyclist bridge near Cedar Avenue
  • Outer Harbor rail overpass
  • Port Road
  • Grange Road/Manton Street

A pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the River Torrens, near McDonnell Avenue has been constructed as a separate project by DPTI.

The Outer Harbor Greenway will be carried across South Road and the motorway on the side of the new rail overpass between South Road and Coglin Street. This is in addition to the ramp that connects back to the South Road/McInnes Street intersection.

Linear Park Trail

Linear Park trail under South Road is scheduled to re-open by mid to late November 2018.  Piling works for the shared use path under South Road, which forms part of the Linear Park Trail have recently commenced after these activities were delayed due to rainy weather and potential flooding issues. A detour is in place, please see below for detour route:
















We apologise for any inconvenience the delayed opening has caused and thank cyclists and pedestrians for their ongoing patience. For further information or enquiries, visit:, email: or call: 1300 794 899.

Outer Harbor Greenway now open between Day Terrace and West Street

850 metres of new Outer Harbor Greenway path opened yesterday including a bridge over South Road as part of the T2T project. The shared use path links Day Terrace (Croydon) to West Street (Brompton) with on road connections to the new underpass of Park Terrace and the quiet street routes to Port Adelaide and beyond.  You can explore the bicycle facilities around Adelaide at

West Street, Coglin Street and Queen Street

Activation of pedestrian crossings at Queen Street, Coglin Street and West Street will not be undertaken until early 2019. The delay in activation is the result of signalling design, and this remains outside the control of the T2T Alliance. Until the level crossing at West Street can be activated, it must remain closed for safety reasons. Further notice about the timing of level crossings activation will be provided.

Pedestrian and cyclists are able to cross at the level crossings on the eastern side of the level crossings at Queen Street and Coglin Street.